What is an AED?

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is alightweight, portable device that delivers an electric shock through the chest to the heart.

Who are LFC Wellington?

We are an officially recognised Liverpool FC supporters club based in Wellington. As well as bringing together fans of the club, we also try and do some good in the local community.

Why are you doing this?

I think everyone can agree that all sporting grounds should have access to an AED should the unfortunate happen. We’re trying to make that a reality.

Are you working with anyone else?

Yes. We’re working closely with Capital Football who have the support from New Zealand Football to purchase the AEDs at a subsidised price.

Are you allowed to run a raffle like this?

Yes. We have approval from the Department of Internal Affairs that we can run a raffle under Class 2 gambling which states prizes must be under $5000 and the amount raised must be less than $25,000. You can read more here.


Does 100% of my donation go to purchase AEDs?

Yes. We have provided the ability for donors to cover the 4% payment processing fees that are unavoidable. All website and hosting costs are paid for by LFC Wellington. 

Are donations tax deductible?

As LFC Wellington is not a registered charity your donation will not be tax deductible, but hey, that’s not why you’re donating anyway, right?

I’m from a media organisation and would like to contact you.

Please send us an email at hello@keepwellingtonbeating.co.nz or through our social media channels.

How can I get this campaign running in my city?

A successful campaign here in Wellington will definitely make it easier to roll out similar fundraisers in other parts of the country. Why not make contact with your Football Federation to find out which clubs in your area have AEDs and ask what you can do to help Keep your region Beating.


Do I need to reside in New Zealand to donate and enter in the raffle?

No. You can donate and enter from anywhere. HELL Pizza vouchers are only redeemable, and we will only ship prizes, within New Zealand.

How does the raffle work?

At the end of the donation period, all entries will be put into a ‘pot’ and winners will be drawn. Given this will be thousands (hopefully), a computer program will do this and will be overseen by official representatives from Capital Football.

What prizes are available?

The latest list of prizes can be seen on the Prizes page.

How will you confirm my entries in the raffle?

You will receive an email shortly after you have made your payment. If you don’t receive this within an hour, please check your spam folders. If you still can’t see it, send us an email at hello@keepwellingtonbeating.co.nz

When will the raffle be drawn?

The raffle be drawn by 28/07/2019 and will be drawn at the Capital Football offices.

How will you draw the raffle?

We will work with Capital Football on the day of the draw, to select winners. The voucher numbers that you will be given when you donate will be entered into a database that we will pick from. 


These will be picked at random by a piece of software created for drawing raffles.

How will you announce the winners?

We will publish the winners on the website and also through the LFC Wellington social media Twitter and Facebook accounts.

How I will I receive my prize if I win?

We will contact you directly to organise this. Most items will be posted unless you live in Wellington, NZ. HELL Pizza vouchers are only redeemable and we will only ship prizes within New Zealand.

What is the 4% charge for?

Each payment taken is subject to additional payment processor and credit card charges. We’ve given you the option to pay this so your full donation amount can be used for purchasing AEDs.

What happens if you sell all 25k ‘seats’?

Well that would be awesome! Entries will be stopped. The draw will still occur at the original planned date.

What happens if I lose/accidently delete my email confirmation?

Don’t worry, we have your details and will contact you in the event of you winning a raffle prize.


How will you decide which grounds receive an AED?

Capital Football will be purchasing the AEDs from New Zealand Football under their SMART START programme. Capital Football will organise the distribution and training required (through Fit4Football) for the clubs who will be receiving these AEDs. If we don’t raise the full amount, we will discuss with Capital football to identify the grounds with the greatest need (this will be where most players play)

How can I get involved?

By donating. Or if your company would like to contribute (either raffle prizes or a donation), send us an email at hello@keepwellingtonbeating.co.nz

Where can I find other AEDs?

You can see a list of current local AEDs here https://aedlocations.co.nz/

Where can I find out further information about AEDs?


Can I contribute without entering the raffle?

If your donation is less than $10 or $500 or over you will not be entered into the raffle.

What browsers are supported?

The latest versions of most widely used browsers are supported.

Who can I contact if can’t do something on the website?

You can send an email to hello@keepwellingtonbeating.co.nz and we will get back to you

What will you do with my details?

Nothing. We will store them for as long as we need to when running the raffle. Once the raffle is complete, we will delete them. We will not pass them onto any 3rd party organisation. See our privacy page for further details.

Will you store my debit/credit card details?

No. Debit/credit card processing is managed by Paypal and all payments are taken using their payments systems.

Does this mean Westpac Stadium doesn’t have any AEDs on site?

Westpac Stadium has two permanent AED units on site, plus up to four additional units brought in for game days. We are just using the stadium illustration to help quantify our fundraising efforts.

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